It only seemed a matter of time but after the ESB hiked up its electricity prices BORD Gais Energy is following suit by  increasing its residential electricity prices – shortly after it hiked up the price of gas. The 4.8pc increase will add 99c per week to the average electricity bill - this will amount an extra €61 per annum when the PSO levy is included (Full article here). It appears that prices hike is an annually occurrences and consumer will need to get used to it. As long as electricity generation is mainly done by burning fossil fuels the only way is up due to rising demand and higher exploration cost. It's time to implement a strategy that will counter those rises in the long term by reducing consumption. Although lighting only accounts for about 20% of electricity use in a domestic environment, that 20% can be drastically decreased by switching over to energy saving lighting like LED lights and LED bulbs.