RGB Strip controller with touch wheel remote control

RGB Strip controller with intuitive touch wheel remote control
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This touch controller set is a quick and easy way to control a bunch of our 12V analogue RGB LED strip. The box part contains power driver circuitry and an RF receiver. The hand-held remote contains a touch interface and an RF transmitter. By wiring the analogue strip to the box you can easily adjust the colour from across the room. Since it isn't RF you don't need line-of-sight like you would with an IR Remote. The box has a few 'programs' built in, such as rainbow fading and a really obnoxious colourful blinking effect. However, you'll probably end up being very happy with the basic control system that the remote allows. You can turn it on or off by pressing the power button, change the brightness and select the colour using the scrolling colour wheel. This package contains just the controller box and remote.

 Operating instructions

1) Turn ON/OFF button, you can switch on the RGB LED strip.
2) Slide the colour ring, RGB strip will show the same colour.
3) Gradual change model: Touch on button again under monochrome mode condition, RGB strip will be changed into gradual change mode. Increasing colour button will speed up the colour change, decreasing colour button will it slowdown.
4) Hopping mode: Under gradual change mode condition. Touch on button. The RGB strip will be changed into hopping mode. Increasing colour button will speed up the hopping, decreasing colour button will slowdown.
5) Under gradual change or hopping mode, touching on switch will change one to the other. Close the RGB strip and restart It if you want to enter monochrome mode.
6) You can adjust the brightness by dimming function, to brighten, and dim the light.

Basic parameters:
Working temperature: -20-60℃
Frequency: 433MHz
Input voltage: 12 and 24V DC
Output: 3 channels
Connection mode: common anode
Static power consumption: <1W
Output current: 3A (each channel)
Output power: 12V:<108W, 24V:<216W


1. Match with the RGB flexible strip, easily control the colour change
2. Wireless touching remote and control distance is more than 30meters
3. Two kinds of modes: Gradual change mode and hopping change mode
4. The rate of colour change and the brightness can be easily control

The package includes

1.RGB controller
2.Wireless touching Remote


1) Input voltage of remote control must be the same as RGB strips
2) Match the colour of output wiring when connecting
3) When the colour doesn’t match, for example, it displays blue when touch green, or displays green when touching blue ,please check whether the wiring is correct, in this case, exchange blue and green.

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Additional Information
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